Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Morning,
With a new year there are changes, the first change of the New Year is that my e-mail address will change from scondrey@alltel.net to scondrey@windstream.net , Windstream has purchased Alltel and they say we have to change addresses. This means I have allot of changes to make and printing to be done.
The next change is the change in my shipping, I have been a customer of UPS since 1985 and they have had more rate changes than I can keep up with. I have started using Click N Ship with the United States Postal system and have found the rates at 1/2 the price as UPS. I will keep my UPS account but will be shipping most of my boxes by the Postal system. Priority Mail can be tracked and the cost will be less. I will charge the customer only the cost of the Priority Mail and the Postal service will send the customer a notice by e-mail that they will be getting a package from me. So I will need your e-mail address with your order for you to receive a notice from the post office. One of the benefits of the US Post office is that they supply the boxes, that is a real cost cutting item for me.
I am now on Facebook, I am not sure why but if you are on this service look me up. I would love to connect with everyone that I do business with. I am listed as Sue McNeal Condrey. Hope to see you on Facebook.
In Stitches,

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