Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning to all,
I was very sadden yesterday to receive a letter from Creative Needle Magazine making the announcement that the Nov/Dec 2008 was their last issue. This beautiful publication has done more for the smocking business than anyone gave it credit for. Over the past 20 years Ann Henderson has put her life into this magazine making it the very best that the needlework consumer could ever ask to read. Her hard work showed in every issue from the photos of beautiful children wearing smocked garments to the helpful articles teaching us new techniques in our handwork. I know I will miss this coming in my mailbox and the smocking world will miss this publication also. This shows us all that the challenging economic times are taken their toll on each and every one of us. My best wishes and prayers are with Ann Henderson as she goes through this change in her life.
Well we all have only about 7 weeks till Easter so we better get busy smocking. This is a talent that we have been blessed with and we all get so much pleasure and delight to see our little ones wearing their beautiful garments. So have a blessed and beautiful day in all the tasks you have to do.
In Stitches,

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