Monday, February 2, 2009


I am pleased to announce today that the CPSIA grants a one year stay of testing and certification requirements for childrens items, the new date is 2-10-10. This will give time for reform of the bill. Jim DeMint US Senator from South Carolina will be introducing legislation this week for much needed reform to the CPSIA. He wants to allow small manufacturers to use the testing and certification that their component suppliers have done to certify that the components we use are safe from lead. This would free small business and make the fabric companies pay for the testing. You can read more about Mr. Demints legislation on his website. This makes me want to move to South Carolina.
I have Prayed day and night over this law and now I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted and I am very thankful for this new act. So I can conduct my business for another year while checking on every item that goes into making a Ready To Smock garment making sure that it is safe for children to wear without the worry of lead. The only item that I had any concern over was the metal grippers, and I will be checking into using plastic grippers in place of the metal grippers.
So lets get ready for Easter and Springtime.
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